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Photographs of September 2nd event

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JSCT 1st Prize went to MUSICBOX (Presenter: Warodom, Vice Chairman of Japan Scrabble Players Association)


Yeo Kien Hung/MUSICBOX/Arai, Namiko/Jendell/Suzuki, Kenshi/Quinn/Luch/Tadao, Takeda/Katherine

Katherine/cha cha/Ozag, John/Arai, Namiko/Quinn

Nico/Ozag, John

Kc Hirai/Suzuki, Kenshi/Luch/Jendell/Arai, Namiko/Takemura, Isao/Quinn/Numasawa

Suzuki, Kenshi/Kubokan/Takeda, Tadao/MUSICBOX/Luch

JSCT 2nd Prize went to Warodom (Presenter: Takemra Chairman of Jaspa)

The sponsors: Little America, Kobe Shinbun and Terako Heritage .

cha cha



Azumi(behind the bag)/Kc Hirai/Warodom/Yeo Kien Hung/cha cha/Katherine/Nico

Suzuki, Kenshi/Jendell/MUSICBOX/Shenoy/Luch/Katherine/Takeda, Tadao

Ozag, John/Takemura/Warodom

Ozag, John/Takemura

Sponsored by Little America & Terako Heritage; Supported by Kobe Shinbun


Arai, Namiko/Quinn/Numasawa

Lunch Break

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